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Established in 1989 as a joint venture between Thomas Ockas Jr. and his father, Oak’s Auto/Truck Service LLC touts an impressive heavy duty truck towing, equipment hauling, and heavy duty truck repair team. Over the years, Oak’s Auto/Truck Service LLC has grown from a literal son-and-pop operation to a storied institution serving the greater Pittsburgh area. For over 30 years, we’ve offered the some of the finest heavy duty towing services & roadside assistance, equipment hauling, and truck repair services you’ll find in Western Pennsylvania.

At Oak’s Towing ™, we strongly believe that one call should do it all when our customers are in need of any heavy duty towing & roadside assistance. We can haul anything from a cars to semi-tractors and move payloads at your command. Every mechanic on our roster boasts ASE certification and excellent customer service to ensure your satisfaction. As a member of the Pennsylvania Towing Association, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch towing & roadside service, equipment hauling, auto repair & truck repair services.


Owner Tom Ockas Jr. and his 40 employees have a simple mission: to provide the best heavy duty truck towing & roadside assistance, equipment hauling, and auto repair & truck repair in Pittsburgh and beyond. We always strive to provide superior parts, techniques, and customer service excellence. Offering superlative towing, equipment hauling, and fleet repair services at two locations, we’re famous for our ability to get the job done right the first time. Our 55 fleet trucks are always standing by to tow any vehicle under any circumstances.

Oak’s Auto/Truck Service LLC distinguishes itself from the crowd in a few different ways. First off, we believe that everyone’s time and needs are precious which is why we make every effort to service your needs as soon as possible. When a customer calls Oak’s Auto/Truck Service LLC, they can expect that a qualified mechanic will treat their call with the appropriate respect and urgency it requires so that they are towed, assisted, hauled, or repaired at a moment’s notice. This is also why we offer 24-hour key drops, extended hours, and year round 24-hour towing services for your convenience.



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